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It requires some way of summing up the overall impact

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Unformatted text preview: cation of the numeric comparison discussed above in principle 5. This requires the above-discussed capability of defining all your critical performance factors quantitatively – even the apparently soft ones like ‘agility’, and ‘customer orientation’, and ‘respect in the marketplace’. It then requires the capability of making reasonable, and reasonably based (evidence, sources, credibility as in Impact Estimation) numeric evaluations in relation to those numeric target level requirements. It requires some way of summing up the overall impact on one alternative, on a set of performance and resource requirements (like the % of target, and % of budget concepts in Impact Estimation). 7. Measure critical variables, but with sufficient qualities and lowest costs. Quantification seems exact: ‘5.0’, ‘3.14’, even though it is perhaps merely an approximation. Measurement is about determining where we really are along a scale of measure, in relation to benchmark levels, constraint levels, and target levels. Measurement cannot be perfect. Perfect mea...
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