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It should be obvious that numeric objectives and

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Unformatted text preview: requirements. What are your weights for eating, breathing, drinking? I would argue that the natural and logical way to understand priorities is in terms of quantified requirements, and simultaneously by means of repeated continuous measurement of the degree of satisfaction of our requirements. The more satisfied a requirement, the lower the priority. The more your belly is full, the less hungry you are. [Gilb 2005, and Gilb papers on Priority]. 10. Use metrics to create commonly understood, and really agreed requirement or objectives. It should be obvious that numeric objectives and requirements, increase the probability that people understand and will acknowledge, what they have agreed to. 6.0 is a much clearer notion than ‘very much’ If we agree to ‘extremely good X’ How much have we agreed to? Summary We can improve systems engineering by making better use of realistic numbers, instead of subjective opinion numbers (‘5 is medium impact’) or nice sounding words (‘extremely...
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