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It worked corrupted for anonymity and used after

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Unformatted text preview: n’ about quantified results (as opposed to paying management bonuses for strategies delivered, without results) and asked his chief planner to quantify his ‘Business Objectives’ (quite technical most) to present to the money guys. It worked. (Corrupted for anonymity, and used after asking client permission) 8. Some metrics support other metrics. You’d better know which is the star, and which is the supporting role. Ralph Keeney’s Levels (‘Value-Focused Thinking’) Keeney’s Levels are all relative to your level in the organization • Fundamental Objectives (Your boss level of concern) • Strategic Objectives (you, your responsibility and concern) • Means Objectives (your staff, and support, objectives that will contribute to meeting your own objectives) This relative identification of the level of concern helps in understanding responsibility for objectives and requirements. You need to keep focus on your own strategic objectives, and communicate about those above, and those below, with appropriate people. Don’t take it all on by yourself. 9. Metrics don’t add up, but you need to...
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