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The th actual impact 38 minutes of a design recoding

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Unformatted text preview: lopment of a commercial product (‘Confirmit’). The th actual impact (38 minutes) of a design (“Recoding”) implemented in the 9 week of evolutionary product development was measured by a pilot customer (Microsoft usability Labs, Redmond) at the end of the time-boxed week cycle. This gave the feedback that the design was better than expected (Estimated Impact = 20 minutes). It led to a decision to put in some overtime and squeeze a little bit more out of the design before the next cycle started. This led to saving 45 minutes (112.5% improvement). It also freed up the remaing 3 w eek cycles before product release to focus on weaker areas (like line 7,11, 13 at less than 100% of target to date). 3. If you measure too few, then the ones you left out, will lack any clout. If you measure too many, you will also lose out. Limit yourself, at any one level of consideration, to the maximum ‘top ten’ most critical requirement measures. When you have mastered all of them, you might have resources left to turn to the next priority requirement. You cannot afford to distract your attention from the top few highest priorities Mastering 10 critical variables, at...
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