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You will be forgiven for failing on the 11th for the

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Unformatted text preview: demanding levels, is a magnificent technical management deed. You will be forgiven for failing on the 11th, for the moment - it is next on your hit list anyway. Figure 3: an example of the top few product requirements. They were all quantified, and all measured as th they were delivered in weekly increments. This is a snapshot of the 9 week. Look at the % improvements – it tells cumulative, independently measured progress towards the target for the quarterly product release. Each quadrant is a top ten requirement (or less) allocated to a parallel working development team, for the same product, but for different semi- independent components of it. 4. If the metric level is too low, your users are in for a sorry blow. What is ‘too low’ a requirement level? There are several simultaneous variations to consider: • too low in relation to a future competitor level (uncompetitive) • too low in relation to our current levels (worse product or service) • too low in relation to constraints • too low at a particular time • too low in a particular area • too low under specific conditions or events In Planguage [Gilb 2005] we specify a number of benchmark relationships, so that...
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