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Unambiguously at all stages of consideration

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Unformatted text preview: ”, “Extremely Adaptable” “All critical factors or objectives (quality, benefit, resource) for any activity (planning, engineering, management) shall be expressed clearly, measurably, testably and unambiguously at all stages of consideration, presentation, evaluation, construction and validation. “ Quotation 2: A summary of the Ericsson Corp. Quality Policy position on quantification. 7. Do not trust managers to define the most critical metrics, help them out. Managers have no training or culture in developing quantified and clear metrics for their most critical qualitative (‘soft’) objectives. They love to use a series of popular words, because that is their culture today. They consistently call the strategies (means to ends) the ‘Objectives’. (get CMMI Level 3, rather than increase productivity by 20%) If you guide them into quantifying their wordy objectives, Some of them will love it and learn it. The CEO, COO, and CFO types will at least. Some of them would rather lose their jobs (the marketing types especially). Example 2: One C EO client (“The Corp”) of ours needed £50 million to improve his engineering organization for telecoms sub-components. He ‘got the religio...
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