i am not quite sure if the experience which produced

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Unformatted text preview: ory of what life should be like." I am not quite sure if the experience which produced this hand book can be described exactly this way, yet the sentiment seems reasonably close. —Dr. Edward J. Hoffman Program Manager, NASA Headquarters Spring 1995 NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Foreword to the September 1992 Draft When NASA began to sponsor agency -wide classes in systems engineering, it was to a doubting audience. Top management was quick to express concern. As a former Deputy Administrator stated "How can you teach an agency-wide systems engineering class when we cannot even agree on how to define it?" Good question, and one I must admit caused us considerable concern at that time. The same doubt continued up until the publication of this handbook. The initial systems engineering education conference was held in January 1989 at the Johnson Space Center. A number of representatives from other Centers at tended this meeting and it was decided then that we needed to form a working group to support the development of appropriate and tailored systems engineering courses. At this meeting the representatives from Marshal1 Space Flight Center (MSFC) expressed a strong desire to docu ment their own historic systems engineering process before any more of the key players left the Center. Other Centers also expressed a desire, if not as urgent as MSFC, to document their processes. It was thought that the best way to reflect the totality of the NASA systems engineering process and to aid in developing the needed training was to prepare a top level (Level 0) document that would contain a broad definition of systems engineering, a broad process outline, and typi cal tools and procedures. In general, we wanted a top level overview of NASA systems engineering. To this document would be appended each Center's unique systems engineering manual. The group was well aware of the diver sity each Center may have, but agreed that this approach would be quite acceptable. The next step and the most difficult in this arduous process was to find some...
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