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john wiley and sons inc new york 1991 procedures for

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Unformatted text preview: visions for Robotic Extraterrestrial Missions, Office of Space Science (Code S), NASA/HQ, forthcoming. Referred to on page(s) 115. , NHB 9501.2B, Procedures for Contractor Reporting of Correlated Cost and Performance Data, Financial Management Division (Code BF), NASA/HQ, February 1985. Referred to on page(s) 59. , NMI 5350.1A, Maintainability and Maintenance Planning Policy, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (Code Q), NASA/HQ, September 26, 1991. Referred to on page(s) 99, 100. , NMI 7120.4 (with NHB 7120.5), Management of Major System Programs and Projects, Office of the Administrator (Code A), NASA/HQ, November 1993 (revision forthcoming). Referred to on page(s) ix, xi, 3, 13. , NMI 8010.1A, Classification of NASA Payloads, Safety Division (Code QS), NASA/HQ, 1990. Referred to on page(s) 38, 123. , NMI 8010.2A, Use of the Metric System of Measurement in NASA Programs, Office of Safety and Mission Quality (Code Q), NASA/HQ, June 11, 1991. Referred to on page(s) 139. , NMI 8020.7D, Biological Contamination Control for Outbound and Inbound Planetary Spacecraft, Office of Space Science (Code S), NASA/HQ, December 3, 1993. Referred to on page(s) 115. , NMI 8070.4A, Risk Management Policy, Safety Division (Code QS), NASA/HQ, undated. Referred to on page(s) 37, 44. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, as amended (40 CFR 1500- 1508), Referred to on page(s) 112. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Navy, Department of the, Producibility Measurement Guidelines: Methodologies for Product Integrity, NAVSO P-3679, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research, Development, and Acquisition, Washington DC, August 1993. Referred to on page(s) 112. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S., (by N.H. Roberts, et al.), Fault Tree Handbook, NUREG-0492, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, January 1980. Referred to on page(s) 94. Office of Management and Budget, Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Federal Programs, Circular A-94, OMB, October 1992. Referred to on page(s) 79. Pace, Scott, U.S. Access to Space: Launch Vehicle Choices for 1990-2010, The Rand Corporation, R-3820-AF, March 1990. Presidential Directive/National Security Council Memorandum-25 (PD/NSC-25), Scientific of Technological Experiments with Possible Large-Scale Adverse Environmental Effects and Launch of Nuclear Systems into Space, December 14, 1977. Referred to on page(s) 114. , MESSOC Version 2.2 User Manual, JPL D5749/Rev. B, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, October 199...
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