23 objective of systems engineering the objective of

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Unformatted text preview: ncludes performance of some delegated management duties, such as maintaining control of the developing configuration and overseeing the integration of subsystems. 2.3 Objective of Systems Engineering The objective of systems engineering is to see to it that the system is designed, built, and operated so that it accomplishes its purpose in the most cost-effective way possible, considering performance, cost, schedule, and risk. A cost-effective system must provide a particular kind of balance between effectiveness and cost: the system must provide the most effectiveness for the resources expended or, equivalently, it must be the least expensive for the effectiveness it provides. This condition is a weak one because there are usually many designs that meet the condition. Think of each possible design as a point in the Cost The cost of a system is the foregone value of the resources needed to design, build, and operate it. Because resources come in many forms— work performed by NASA personnel and contractors, materials, energy, and the use of facilities and equipment such as wind tunnels, factories, offices, and computers—it is of en convenient to express these values in common terms by using monetary units (such as dollars). Effectiveness The effectiveness of a system is a quantitative measure of the degree to which the system's purpose is achieved. Effectiveness measures are usually very dependent upon system performance. For example, launch vehicle effectiveness depends on the probability of successfully injecting a payload onto a usable trajectory. The associated system performance attributes include the mass that can be put into a specified nominal orbit, the trade between injected mass and launch velocity, and launch availability. Cost-Effectiveness The cost-effectiveness of a system combines both the cost and the effectiveness of the system in the context of its objectives. While it may be necessary to measure either or both of those in terms of several numbers, it is sometimes possible to combine the components into a meaningful, single-valued objective function...
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