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Unformatted text preview: ssign accountability for integration and to identify the costs of integrating and testing components of a system. Error 3: The WBS is inconsistent with the PBS. This makes it possible that the PBS will not be fully implemented, and generally complicates the management process. Some examples of these errors are shown in Figure 11. Each one prevents the WBS from successfully performing its roles in project planning and organizing. These errors are avoided by using the WBS development techniques described above. 4.4 Scheduling Products described in the WBS are the result of activities that take time to complete. An orderly and efficient systems engineering process requires that these activities take place in a way that respects the underlying time precedence relationships among them. This is accomplished by creating a network schedule, which explicitly take s into account the dependencies of each activity on other activities and receivables from outside sources. This section discusses the role of scheduling and the techniques for building a complete network schedule. 4.4.1 Keeping track of schedule progress is an essential part of controlling the project, because cost and technical problems often show up first as schedule problems. Because network schedules show how each activity affects other activities, they are essential for predicting the consequences of schedule slips or accelerations of an activity on the entire project. Network scheduling systems also help managers accurately assess the impact of both technical and resource changes on the cost and schedule of a project. 4.4.2 Network Schedule Data and Graphical Formats Network schedule data consist of: • • • • Activities Dependencies between activities (e.g., where an activity depends upon another activity for a receivable) Products or milestones that occur as a result of one or more activities Duration of each activity. A work flow diagram (WFD) is a graphical display of the first three data items above. A network schedule contains all four data items. When creating a network schedule, graphical formats of these data ar...
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