5 phase ddevelopment the purpose of this phase is to

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Unformatted text preview: Monitor project progress against project plans Develop the system integration planand the system operation plan Perform and archive trade studies Complete manufacturing plan Develop the end-to-end information system design Refine Integrated Logistics Support Plan Identify opportunities for pre-planned product improvement Confirm science payload selection Information Baselined: All remaining lower -level requirements and designs, including traceability to higher levels "Build-to" specifications at all levels Control Gates: Subsystem (and lower level) Critical Design Reviews System-level Critical Design Review 3.5 Phase D—Development The purpose of this phase is to build and verify the system designed in the previous phase, deploy it, and prepare for operations. Activities include fabrication of hardware and coding of software, integration, and verification of the system. Other activities include the initial training of operating personnel and implementation of the Integrated Logistics Support Plan. For flight projects, the focus of activities then shifts to pre-launch integration and launch. For large flight projects, there may be an extended period of orbit insertion, assembly, and initial shake-down operations. The major product is a system that has been shown to be capable of accomplishing the purpose for which it was created. Phase D—Development Purpose: To build the subsystems (including the operations system) and integrate them to create the system, meanwhile developing confidence that it will be able to meet the system requirements, then to deploy the system and ensure that it is ready for operations. Major Activities and their Products: Fabricate (or code) the parts (i.e., the lowest-level items in the system architecture) Integrate those items according to the integration plan and perform verifications, yielding verified components and subsystems (Repeat the process of successive integration to get a verified system) Develop verification procedures at all levels Perform system qualification verification(s) Perform system acceptance verification(s) Monitor project progress against project plans Archive documentation for verifications performed Audit "as-built" configurations Document Lessons Learned Prepare operator's manuals Prepare maintenance manuals Train initial system operators and maintainer...
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