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Unformatted text preview: s largely through their impact on projected system effectiveness and life -cycle cost. The ILS engineer also acts as a system engineer (for the ILSS) by identifying ILSS functional requirements, performing trade studies on the ILSS, documenting the logistics support resources that will be required, and overseeing the verification and validation of the ILSS. The LSA process found in MIL-STD-1388-1A can serve as a guideline, but its application in NASA should be tailored to the project. Figures 31a and 31b show the LSA process in more detail as it proceeds through the NASA project life cycle. Each iteration uses more detailed inputs and provides more refinement in the output so that by the time operations begin (Phase E), the full complement of logistics support resources has been identified and the ILSS verified. The first step at each iteration is to understand the mission, the system architecture/design, and the ILSS parameters. Specifically, the first step encompasses the following activities: • Receiving (from the project-level system engineer) factors related to the intended use of the system such as the operations concept, mission duration, NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process • • • number of units, orbit parameters, space transportation options, allocated supportability characteristics, etc. Documenting existing logistics resource capabilities and/or assets that may be cost-effective to apply to or combine with the ILSS for the system being developed Identifying technological opportunities that can be exploited. (This includes both new technologies in the system architecture/design that reduce logistics support resource requirements as well as new technologies within the ILSS that make it less expensive to meet any level of logistics support resource requirements.) • Documenting the ILS concept and initial "strawman" ILSS, or updating (in later phases) the baseline ILSS. The ILS engineer uses the results of these activities to establish supportability and supportabil...
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