6 phase eoperations the purpose of this phase is to

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Unformatted text preview: s Finalize and implement Integrated Logistics Support Plan Integrate with launch vehicle(s) and launch, perform orbit insertion, etc., to achieve a deployed system Perform operational verification(s) Information Baselined: "As-built" and "as-deployed" configuration data Integrated Logistics Support Plan Command sequences for end-to-end command and telemetry validation and ground data processing Operator's manuals Maintenance manuals Control Gates: Test Readiness Reviews (at all levels) System Acceptance Review System functional and physical configuration audits Flight Readiness Review(s) Operational Readiness Review Safety reviews 3.6 Phase E—Operations The purpose of this phase is to meet the initially identified need or to grasp the initially identified opportunity. The products of the phase are the results of the mission. This phase encompasses evolution of the system only insofar as that evolution does not involve major changes to the system architecture; changes of that scope NASA Systems Engineering Handbook The Project Life Cycle for Major NASA Systems Phase E—Operations Purpose: To actually meet the initially identified need or to grasp the opportunity, then to dispose of the system in a responsible manner. Major Activities andtheir Products: Train replacement operators and maintainers Conduct the mission(s) Maintain and upgrade the system Dispose of the system and supporting processes Document Lessons Learned Information Baselined: Mission outcomes, such as: • Engineering data on system, subsystem and materials performance • Science data returned • High resolution photos from orbit • Accomplishment records ("firsts") • Discovery of the Van Allen belts • Discovery of volcanoes on lo. Operations and maintenance logs Problem/failure reports Control Gates: Regular system operations readiness reviews System upgrade reviews Safety reviews Decommissioning Review constitute new "needs," and the project life cycle starts over. Phase E encompasses the problem of dealing with the system when it has completed its mission; the time at which th...
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