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681 environmental impact nasa policy and federal law

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Unformatted text preview: uction engineering analyses are documented in the Manufacturing Plan with a level of detail appropriate to the phase of the project. The production engineer also participates in and contributes to major project reviews (primarily PDR and CDR) on the above items, and to special interim reviews such as the Production Readiness Review (ProRR). 6.7.2 Producibility Tools and Techniques Manufacturing Functional Flow Block Diagrams (FFBDs). Manufacturing FFBDs are used in the same way system FFBDs. described in Appendix B.7.1, are used. At the top level, manufacturing FFBDs supplement and clarify the system's manufacturing sequence. Risk Management Templates. The risk management templates of DoD 4245.7M, Transition from Development to Production ...Solving the Risk Equation, are a widely recognized series of risks, risk responses, and lessons reamed from DoD experience. These templates, which were designed to reduce risks in production, can be tailored to individual NASA projects. Producibility Assessment Worksheets. These worksheets, which were also developed for DoD, use a judgment-based scoring approach to help choose among alternative production methods. See Producibility Measurement for DoD Contracts. Producibility Models. Producibility models are used in addressing a variety of issues such as assessing the feasibility of alternative manufacturing plans, and estimating production costs as a part of life-cycle cost management. Specific producibility models may include: • • • Scheduling models for estimating production output, and for integrating system enhancements and/or spares production into the manufacturing sequence Manufacturing or assembly flow simulations, e.g., discrete event simulations of factory activities Production cost models that include learning and production rate sensitivities. (See sidebar page 82.) Statistical Process Control/Design of Experiments. These techniques, long applied in manufacturing to identify the causes of unwanted variations in product quality and reduce their effects, have...
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