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Unformatted text preview: mediate, and depot (or vendor). The system engineer should be familiar with these terms and the basic characteristics associated with each level. As an example, consider Alpha: Level Organizational Plan (ILSP), documents the system maintenance concept, its maintenance resource requirements, and supporting maintainability analyses. The Maintenance Plan provides other inputs to the ILSP in the areas of spares, maintenance facilities, test and support equipment, and, for each level of maintenance, it provides maintenance training programs, facilities, technical data, and aids. The supporting analyses should establish the feasibility and credibility of the Maintenance Plan with aggregate estimates of corrective and preventive maintenance workloads, initial and recurring spares provisioning requirements, and system availability. Aggregate estimates should be the result of using best practice maintainability analysis tools and detailed maintainability data suitable for the LSA. (See Section 6.5.3.) • Use coarse and fine installation alignment guides as necessary to assure ease of Orbital Replacement Unit (ORU) installation and removal Have minimum sweep clearances between interface tools and hardware structures; include adequate clearance envelopes for those maintenance activities where access to an opening is required Define reach envelopes, crew load/forces, and general work constraints for IVA and EVA maintenance tasks Consider corrective and preventive maintenance task frequencies in the location of ORUs Allow replacement of an ORU without removal of other ORUs Choose a system thermal design that precludes degradation or damage during ORU replacement or maintenance to any other ORU Simplify ORU handling to reduce the likelihood of mishandling equipment or parts Encourage commonality, standardization, and interchangeability of tooling and hardware items to ensure a minimum number of items Select ORU fasteners to minimize accessibility time consistent with good design practice NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process •...
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