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Unformatted text preview: this stage, flight systems are verified to operate in space environment conditions, and requirements demanding space environments are verified. The disposal stage is the period during which disposal requirements are verified. 6.6.2 Verification Program Planning Verification program planning is an interactive and lengthy process occurring during all phases of a project. but more heavily during Phase C. The verification engineer develops a preliminary definition of verification requirements and activities based on the program/project and mission requirements. An effort should be made throughout a project's mission and system definition to phrase requirements in absolute terms in order to simplify their verification. As the system and interface requirements are es- NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process tablished and refined, the verification engineer assesses them to determine the appropriate method of verification or combination thereof. These requirements and the method(s) of verification are then documented in the appropriate requirements document. Using the methods of verification to be performed for each verification stage, along with the levels (e.g., part, subsystem, system) at which the verifications are to be performed, and any environmental controls (e.g., contamination) that must be maintained, the verification engineer outlines a preliminary schedule of verification activities associated with development, qualification, and acceptance of the system. This preliminary schedule should be in accordance with project milestones, and should be updated as verification activities are refined. During planning, the verification engineer also identifies the documentation necessary to support the verification program. This documentation normally includes: (1) a Verification Requirements Matrix (VRM), (2) a Master Verification Plan (MVP), (3) a Verification Requirements and Specifications Document (VRSD), and (4) a Verification Requiremen...
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