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Unformatted text preview: t. With the proper choice of Weibull parameters, the constant hazard rate can be recovered as a special case. While these (or similar) assumptions may be analytically convenient, a system's actual hazard rate may be less predictable. (Also see bathtub curve sidebar!) Reliability Program Requirements for Aeronautical and Space System Contractors. In brief, these tasks include: • • • • • • • • Developing and executing a reliability program plan Developing and refining reliability prediction models, including associated environmental (e.g., vibration, acoustic, thermal, and EMI/EMC) models, and predictions of system reliability. These models and predictions should reflect applicable experience from previous projects. Establishing and allocating reliability goals and environmental design requirements Supporting design trade studies covering such issues as the degree of redundancy and reliability vs. maintainability Supporting risk management by identifying design attributes likely to result in reliability problems and recommending appropriate risk mitigations Developing reliability data for timely use in the project's maintainability and ILS programs Developing environmental test requirements and specifications for hardware qualification. The reliability engineer may provide technical analysis and justification for eliminating or relaxing qualification test requirements. These activities are usually closely coordinated with the project's verification program. Performing analyses on qualification test data to verify reliability predictions and validate the system reliability prediction models, and to understand and resolve anomalies • Collecting reliability data under actual operations conditions as a part of overall system validation. The reliability engineer works with other specialty engineers (e.g., the quality assurance, maintainability, verification, and producibility engineers) on system reliability issues. On small projects, the reliability engineer may perform some or all of these other jobs as well. 6.2.2 Reliability Program Planning The reliability program for a project describ...
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