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Unformatted text preview: o operate and support the system • • • • • 6.5.2 Supply Support: actions required to provide all the necessary material to ensure the system's supportability and usability objectives are met Test and Support Equipment: the equipment required to facilitate development, production, and operation of the system Transportation and Handling: the actions, resources, and methods necessary to ensure the proper and safe movement, handling, packaging, and storage of system items and materials Human Resources and Personnel Planning: actions required to determine the best skills-mix, considering current and future operator, maintenance, engineering, and administrative personnel costs System Facilities: real property assets required to develop and operate a system. Planning for ILS ILS planning should begin early in the project life cycle, and should be documented in an ILS program plan. This plan describes what ILS activities are planned, and how they will be conducted and integrated into the systems engineering process. For major projects, the ILS program plan may be a separate document because the ILS system (ILSS) may itself be a major system. For smaller projects, the SEMP (Part III) is the logical place to document such information. An important part of planning the ILS program concerns the strategy to be used in performing the Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) since it can involve a major commitment of logistics engineering spets. (See Section 6.5.3.) Documenting results of ILS activities through the project life cycle is generally done in the Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP). The ILSP is the senior ILS document used by the project. A preliminary ILSP should be prepared by the completion of Phase B and subsequently maintained. This plan documents the project's logistics support concept, responsibility for each ILS element by project phase, and LSA results, especially trade study results. For major systems, the ILSP should be a distinct and separate part of the system documentation. For smaller s...
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