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Aggregate estimates should be the result of using

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Unformatted text preview: s). In developing the system maintenance concept, it is useful to consider the mission profile, how the system will be used, its operational availability goals, anticipated useful life, and physical environ ments. Traditionally, a description of the system maintenance concept is hardware-oriented, though this need not always be so. The system maintenance concept is typically described in terms of the anticipated levels of maintenance (see sidebar on maintenance levels), general repair policies regarding corrective and preventive maintenance, assumptions about supply system responsiveness, the availability of new or existing facilities, and the maintenance environment. Initially, the system maintenance concept may be based on experience with similar systems, but it should not be exempt from trade studies early in the project life cycle. These trade studies should focus on the cost effectiveness of alternative maintenance concepts in the context of overall system optimization. Maintenance Levels for Space Station Alpha Intermediate Depot/ Vendor 6.4.3 Work Performed Spares On-orbit crew performs ORU Few. remove-and-replace, visual inspections, minor servicing and calibration. KSC maintenance facility repairs ORUs, performs detailed inspections, servicing, calibrations, and some modifications. • More extensive, or fabricated as needed. • • • • Extensive Factory performs major overhauls, modifications, and complex calibrations. needed. • • The Maintenance Plan, which appears as a major technical section in the Integrated Logistics Support Designing Maintainable Space -Based Systems Designing NASA space-based systems for maintainability will be even more important in the future. For that reason, the system engineer should be aware of basic design features that facilitate IVA and EVA maintenance. Some examples of good practice include: • As with many complex systems, the maintenance concept for Alpha calls for three maintenance levels: organizational, inter...
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