Any development activity used to formally satisfy

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Unformatted text preview: d computer modeling. Analysis may be used when it can be determined that: (1) rigorous and accurate analysis is possible; (2) testing is not feasible or cost-effective; (3) similarity is not applicable; and/or (4) verification by inspection is not adequate. Verification by demonstration is the use of actual demonstration techniques in conjunction with requirements such as maintainability and human engineering features. Verification by similarity is the process of assessing by review of prior acceptance data or hardware configuration and applications that the article is similar or identical in design and manufacturing process to another article that has previously been qualified to equivalent or more stringent specifications. Verification by inspection is the physical evaluation of equipment and/or documentation to verify design features. Inspection is used to verify construction features, workmanship, and physical dimensions and condition (such as cleanliness, surface finish, and locking hardware). Verification by simulation is the process of verifying design features and performance using hardware or software other than flight items. Verification by validation of records is the process of using manufacturing records at end-item acceptance to verify construction features and processes for flight hardware. Verification Stages. Verification stages are defined periods of verification activity when different verification goals are met. In this handbook, the following verification stages are used for flight systems: • • • • Development Qualificatio n Acceptance Preparation for deployment (also known as pre launch) Analyses and Models Analyses based on models are used extensively throughout a program/project to verify and determine compliance to performance and design requirements. Most verification requirements that cannot be verified by a test activity are verified through analyses and modeling. The analysis and modeling process begins early in the project life cycle and continues through most of Phase D; these analyses and models are updated periodically as actual data that are used as inputs become available. Of...
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