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Are all cl design to specifications complete and

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Unformatted text preview: e expanded technical process are in place. Preliminary Design Review. The Preliminary Design Review (PDR) is not a single review but a number of reviews that includes the system PDR and PDRs conducted on specific Configuration Items ( CIs). Purpose —The PDR demonstrates that the preliminary design meets all system requirements with acceptable risk. It shows that the correct design option has been selected, interfaces identified, and verification methods have been satisfactorily described. It also establishes the basis for proceeding with detailed design. Timing —After completing a full functional implementation. Objectives—The objectives of the PDR are to: • • • • Ensure that all system requirements have been allocated, the requirements are complete, and the flowdown is adequate to verify system performance Show that the proposed design is expected to meet the functional and performance requirements at the Cl level Show sufficient maturity in the proposed design approach to proceed to final design Show that the design is verifiable and that the risks have been identified, characterized, and mitigated where appropriate. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of PDR product preparation: • • • • • • • • • Can the proposed preliminary design be expected to meet all the requirements within the planned cost and schedule? Have all external interfaces been identified? Have all the system and segment requirements been allocated down to the CI level? Are all Cl "design-to" specifications complete and ready for formal approval and release? Has an acceptable operations concept been developed? Does the proposed design satisfy requirements critical to human safety and mission success? Do the human factors considerations of the proposed design support the intended end users' ability to operate the system and perform the mission effectively? Have the production, verification, operations, and other specialty engineering organizations reviewed the design? Is the proposed design producible? Have long lead items been considered? • • • Do the specialty engineering program plans and design specifications provide sufficient guidance, constraints, and system requirements for the design engineers to execute the des...
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