Are the evaluation criteria established and realistic

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Unformatted text preview: Master Plan/Schedule, Phase B Project Definition Plan, technology assessment, initial Phase B/C/D resource requirements, and acquisition strategy development? Are evaluation criteria sufficiently defined? Are measures of effectiveness established? Are development and life-cycle cost estimates realistic? Have specific requirements been identified that are high risk/high cost drivers, and have options been described to relieve or mitigate them? Results of Review —Successful completion of the MRR provides confidence to submit information for the Preliminary Non-Advocate Review and subsequent submission of the Mission Needs Statement for approval. System Requirements Review. Purpose — The System Requirements Review (SRR) demonstrates that the product development team understands the mission (i.e., project-level) and system-level requirements. Timing —Occurs (as required) following the formation of the team. Objectives—The objectives of the review are to: • Results of Review —Successful completion of the SRR freezes program/project requirements and leads to a formal decision by the cognizant Program Associate Administrator (PAA) to proceed with proposal request preparations for project implementation. System Safety Review. Purpose —System Safety Review(s) (SSR) provides early identification of safety hazards, and ensures that measures to eliminate, reduce, or control the risk associated with the hazard are identified and executed in a timely, cost-effective manner. Timing —Occurs (as needed) in multiple phases of the project cycle. Objectives —The objectives of the reviews are to: • • • • Confirm that the system-level requirements meet the mission objectives • • Confirm that the system-level specifications of the system are sufficient to meet the project objectives. • • • • Are the allocations contained in the system specifications sufficient to meet mission objectives? Are the evaluation criteria established and realistic? Are measures of effectiveness established and realistic? Identify those items considered as critical from a safety viewpoint Assess alternatives and recommendations to mitigate or eliminate...
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