Are the facilities and tools sufficient for end item

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Unformatted text preview: en reviewed and analyzed for expected results? Are results consistent with test plans and objectives? Have the test procedures been "dry run"? Do they indicate satisfactory operation? Have test personnel received training in test operations and safety procedures? Are they certified? Are resources available to adequately support the planned tests as well as contingencies, including failed hardware replacement? Has the test support software been demonstrated to handle test configuration assignments, and data acquisition, reduction, control, and archiving? Results of Review —A successful TRR signifies that test and safety engineers have certified that preparations are complete, and that the project manager has authorized formal test initiation. Production Readiness Review. Purpose — The Production Readiness Review (ProRR) ensures that production plans, facilities, and personnel are in place and ready to begin production. Timing —After design certification and prior to the start of production. Objectives—The objectives of the review are to: • • • • Ascertain that all significant production engineering problems encountered during development are resolved Ensure that the design documentation is adequate to support manufacturing/fabrication Ensure that production plans and preparations are adequate to begin manufacturing/fabrication Establish that adequate resources have been allocated to support end item production. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering Criteria for Successful Completion —The olf lowing items comprise a checklist to aid in determining the readiness of ProRR product preparation: • • • • • • • • • • • Is the design certified? Have incomplete design elements been identified? Have risks been identified and characterized. and mitigation efforts defined? Has the bill of materials been reviewed and critical parts been identified? Have delivery schedules been verified? Have altemative sources been identified? Have adequate spares been...
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