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Unformatted text preview: sal verification. Whatever process is chosen by the program/project should be documented in the SEMP. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process ops a verification program considering its cost, schedule, and risk implications. No one program can be applied to every project, and each verification activity and product must be assessed as to its applicability to a specific project. The verification program requires considerable coordination by the verification engineer, as both system design and test organizations are typically involved to some degree throughout. 6.6.1 Verification Process Overview Verification activities begin in Phase A of a project. During this phase, inputs to the project's integrated master schedule and cost estimates are made as the verification program concept takes shape. These planning activities increase in Phase B with the refinement of requirements, costs, and schedules. In addition, the system's requirements are assessed to determine preliminary methods of verification and to ensure that the requirements can be NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process verified. The outputs of Phase B are expanded in Phase C as more detailed plans and procedures are prepared. In Phase D, verification activities increase substantially; these activities normally include qualification and acceptance verification, followed by verification in preparation for deployment and operational verification. Figures 32a and 32b show this process through the NASA project life cycle. (Safety reviews as applied to verification activities are not shown as separate activities in the figures.) The Verification Program Concept. A verification program should be tailored to the project it supports. The project manager/system engineer must work with the verification engineer to develop a verification program concept. Many factors need to be considered in developing this concept and the subsequent verification program. These factors include: • •...
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