As one example consider the life cycle cost effect of

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Unformatted text preview: rivers are. Some NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Systems Analysis and Modeling Issues major questions to consider are: How much does each already on well-understood technology? Can the system be manufactured using routine processes or are higher precision processes required? What tests are needed to verify and validate each alternative system design, and how costly are they? What reliability levels are needed by each alternative? What environmental and safety requirements must be satisfied? For a system whose operational life is expected to be long and to involve complex activities, the life-cycle cost is likely to be far greater than the acquisition costs alone. Consequently, it is particularly important with such a system to bring in the specialty engineering disciplines such as reliability, maintainability, supportability, and operations engineering early in the systems engineering process, as they are essential to proper life-cycle cost estimation. Another way of acquiring better information on the cost of alternatives is for the project to have independent cost estimates prepared for comparison purposes. Another mechanism for controlling life-cycle cost is to establish a life-cycle cost management program as part of the project's management approach. (Life-cycle cost management has traditionally been called design-to-life-cycle cost.) Such a program establishes life-cycle cost as a design goal, perhaps with sub-goals for acquisition costs or operations and support costs. More specifically, the objectives of a life-cycle cost management program are to: • • • • Identify a common set of ground rules and assumptions for life-cycle cost estimation Ensure that best-practice methods, tools, and models are used for life-cycle cost analysis Track the estimated life-cycle cost throughout the project life cycle, and, most important Integrate life-cycle cost considerations into the design and development process via trade studies and formal change request assessments. Trade studies and formal change request assessments provide the means to balance the effectiveness and life-cycle cost of the system. The co...
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