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Unformatted text preview: ation. For large applications of Monte Carlo simulation, such as those used in addressing logistics supportability, custom software may be needed. (See the sidebar on logistics supportability models.) Monte Carlo simulation is a fairly easy technique to apply. Also, what a particular combination of uncertainties mean can often be communicated more clearly to managers. A powerful example of this technique applied to NASA flight readiness certification is found in Moore, Ebbeler, and Creager, who combine Monte Carlo simulation with traditional reliability and risk analysis techniques. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into The Systems Engineering Process 6 Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process This chapter discusses the basic concepts, techniques, and products of some of the specialty engineering disciplines, and how they fit into the systems engineering process. 6.1 Role of the Engineering Specialties Specialty engineers support the systems engineering process by applying specific knowledge and analytic methods from a variety of engineering specialty disciplines to ensure that the resulting system is actually able to perform its mission in its operational environment. These specialty engineering disciplines typically include reliability, maintainability, integrated logistics, test, fabrication/production, human factors, quality assurance, and safety engineering. One view of the role of the engineering specialties, then, is mission assurance. Part of the system engineer's job is to see that these mission assurance functions are coherently integrated into the project at the right times and that they address the relevant issues. Another idea used to explain the role of the engineering specialties is the "Design-for-X" concept. The X stands for any of the engineering "ilities" (e.g., reliability, testability, producibility, supportability) that the project level system engineer needs to consider to meet the project's goals/objectives. While the relevant engine...
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