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Assurance srr system requirements review step

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Unformatted text preview: BD Functional Flow Block Diagram FH Flight Hardware FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis FMECA Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis FONSI Finding of No Significant Impact FRR GAO GOES Flight Readiness Review General Accounting Office Geosynchonous Orbiting Environmental Satellite GSE Ground Support Equipment HQ NASA Headquarters HST Hubble Space Telescope I&V Integration and Verification ILS Integrated Logistics Support ILSP Integrated Logistics Support Plan ILSS Integrated Logistics Support System IOP Institutional Operating Plan IRAS Infrared Astronomical Satellite IV&V Independent Verification and Validation IVA Intravehicular Activities LEM Lunar Excursion Module (Apollo) LEO Low Earth Orbit LMEPO Lunar/Mars Exploration Program Office LMI Logistics Management Institute LOOS Launch and Orbital Operations Support LRU Line Replaceable Unit LSA Logistics Support Analysis LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Record MDT Mean Downtime MCR Mission Concept Review MDR Mission Definition Review MESSOC Model for Estimating Space Station Operations MICM Multi-variable Instrument Cost Model MLDT Mean Logistics Delay Time MMT Mean Maintenance Time MNS Mission Needs Statement MoE Measure of (system) Effectiveness MRB Material Review Board MRR Mission Requirements Review MTBF Mean Time Between Failures MTTF Mean Time To Failure MTTMA Mean Time To a Maintenance Action MTTR Mean Time To Repair/Restore NAR Non-Advocate Review NCR Non-Compliance (or Non-Conformance) Report NEPA National Environmental Policy Act NHB NASA Handbook NMI NASA Management Instruction NOAA (U.S.) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOI Notice of Intent OMB Office of Management and Budget NASA Systems Engineering Handbook OMRSD Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Specifications Document (KSC) ORLA Optimum Repair Level Analysis ORR Operational Readiness Review ORU Orbital Replacement Unit P/FR Problem Failure Report PAA Program Associate Administrator (NASA) PAR Program/Project Approval Review PBS...
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