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Unformatted text preview: ctions. This assessment often requires an understanding of the cost, schedule, and technical situation that can only be provided by the system engineer. 4.9.2 Technical Performance Measures Status reporting and assessment of the system's technical performance measures (TPMs) complements cost and schedule control. By tracking the system's TPMs, the project manager gains visibility into whether the delivered system will actually meet its performance specifications (requirements). Beyond that, tracking TPMs ties together a number of basic systems engineering activities—that is, a TPM tracking program forges a relationship among systems analysis, functional and performance requirements definition, and verification and validation activities: • • • • Systems analysis activities identify the key performance or technical attributes that determine system effectiveness; trade studies performed in systems analysis help quantify the system's performance requirements. Functional and performance requirements definition activities help identify verification and validation requirements. Verification and validation activities result in quantitative evaluation of TPMs. "Out-of-bounds" TPMs are signals to replan fiscal, schedule, and people resources; sometimes new systems analysis activities need to be initiated. Tracking TPMs can begin as soon as a baseline design has been established, which can occur early in Phase B. A TPM tracking program should begin not later than the start of Phase C. Data to support the full set of selected TPMs may, however, not be available until later in the project life cycle. Selecting TPMs. In general, TPMs can be generic (attributes that are meaningful to each Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) element, like mass or reliability) or unique (attributes that are meaningful only to specific PBS elements). The system engineer needs to decide which generic and unique TPMs are worth tracking at each level of the PBS. The system engineer should track the measure of system effectiveness (when the project maintains such a measure) and the principal performance or technical attribute...
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