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At the finer levels of resolution pieces must be

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Unformatted text preview: ed system integration. Conceptual system integration takes place in all phases of the project life cycle. That is, when a design approach has been selected, the approach is verified by "unwinding the process" to test whether the concept at each physical level meets the expectations and requirements. Physical integration is accomplished during Phase D. At the finer levels of resolution, pieces must be tested, assembled and/or integrated, and tested again. The system engineer's role in cludes the performance of the delegated management du ties, such as configuration control and overseeing the integration, verification, and validation process. The purpose of verification of subsystem integration is to ensure that the subsystems conform to what was designed and interface with each other as expected in all re spects that are important: mechanical connections, effects on center of mass and products of inertia, electromagnetic interference, connector impedance and voltage, power con sumption, data flow, and so on. Validation consists of ensuring that the interfaced subsystems achieve their intended results. While validation is even more important than verification, it is usually much more difficult to accomplish. Perform the Mission. Eventually, the system is called upon to meet the need or seize the opportunity for which it was designed and built. The system engineer continues to perform a variety of supporting functions, depending on the nature and duration of the mission. On a large project such as Space Sta tion Alpha, some of these continuing functions include the validation of system effectiveness at the operational site, overseeing the maintenance of configuration and logistics documentation, overseeing sustaining engineering activities, compiling development and operations "lessons reamed" documents, and, with the help of the specialty engineering disciplines, identifying product improvement opportunities. On smaller systems, such as a Spacelab payload, only the last two may be needed. NASA Systems Enginee...
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