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Baselined nothing control gates mission definition

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Unformatted text preview: evel requirements Develop corresponding evaluation criteria/metrics Identify alternative operations and logistics concepts Identify project constraints and system boundaries Consider alternative design concepts,including: feasibility and risk studies, cost and schedule estimates, and advanced technology requirements Demonstrate that credible, feasible design(s) exist Acquire systems engineering tools and models Initiate environmental impact studies Prepare Project Definition Planfor Phase B Information Baselined: (nothing) Control Gates: Mission Definition Review Preliminary Non-Advocate Review Preliminary Program/Project Approval Review In Phase A, a larger team, often associated with an ad hoc program or project office, readdresses the mission concept to ensure that the project justification and practicality are sufficient to warrant a place in NASA's budget. The team's effort focuses on analyzing mission requirements and establishing a mission architecture. Activities NASA Systems Engineering Handbook The Project Life Cycle for Major NASA Systems become formal, and the emphasis shifts toward establishing optimality rather than feasibility. The effort addresses more depth and considers many alternatives. Goals and objectives are solidified, and the project develops more definition in the system requirements, top-level system architecture, and operations concept. Conceptual designs are developed and exhibit more engineering detail than in advanced studies. Technical risks are identified in more detail and technology development needs become focused. The Mission Needs Statement is not shown in the sidebar as being baselined, as it is not under configuration control by the project. It may be under configuration control at the program level, as may the program requirements documents and the Preliminary Program Plan. 3.3 Phase B -- Definition The purpose of this phase is to establish an initial project baseline, which (according to NHB 7120.5) includes "a formal flowdown of the project-level performance requirements to a complete set of system and subsystem design specifications for both flight and ground elements" and "corresp...
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