Configuration management is established through

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Unformatted text preview: ect contains all of the technical requirements and related cost and schedule requirements that are sufficiently mature to be accepted and placed under change control by the NASA project manager. The project baseline consists of two parts: the technical baseline and the business baseline. The system engineer is responsible for managing the technical baseline and ensuring that it is consistent with the costs and schedules in the business baseline. Typically, the project control office manages the business baseline. Configuration management requires the formal agreement of both the buyer and the seller to proceed according to the up-to-date, documented project requirements (as they exist at that phase in the project life cycle), and to NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering change the baseline requirements only by a formal configuration control process. The buyer might be a NASA pro gram office or an external funding agency. For example, the buyer for the GOES project is NOAA, and the seller is the NASA GOES project office. management must be enforced at all levels; in the next level for this same example, the NASA GOES project office is the buyer and the seller is the contractor, the Loral GOES project office. Configuration management is established through program/project requirements documentation and, where applicable, through the contract Statement of Work. Configuration management is essential to conduct an orderly development process, to enable the modification of an existing design, and to provide for later replication of an existing design. Configuration management often provides the information needed to track the technical progress of the project since it manages the project's configuration documentation. (See Section 4.9.2 on Technical Performance Measures.) The project's approach to configuration management and the methods to be used should be documented in the project's Configuration Management Plan. A sample outline for this plan is illustrated in Appendix B.6. The plan should be tailored to each project's specific needs and resources,...
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