Consequently the costs and risks associated with

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Unformatted text preview: is occurs depends on many factors. For a flight system with a short mission duration, such as a Spacelab payload, disposal may require little more than de-integration of the hardware and its return to its owner. On large flight projects of long duration, disposal may proceed according to long-established plans, or may begin as a result of unplanned events, such as accidents. Alternatively, technological advances may make it uneconomic to continue operating the system either in its current configuration or an improved one. In addition to uncertainty as to when this part of the phase begins, the activities associated with safely decommissioning and disposing of a system may be long and complex. Consequently, the costs and risks associated with different designs should be considered during the project's earlier phases. 3.7 Role of Systems Engineering in the Project Life Cycle This section presents two "idealized" descriptions of the systems engineering activities within the project life cycle. The first is the Forsberg and Mooz "vee" chart, which is taught at the NASA program/project management course. me second is the NASA program/project life cycle process flow developed by the NASA-wide Systems Engineering Process Improvement Task team, in 1993/94. 3.7.1 The "Vee" Chart Forsberg and Mooz describe what they call "the technical aspect of the project cycle" by a vee-shaped chart, starting with user needs on the upper left and ending with a user-validated system on the upper right. Figure 7 provides a summary level overview of those activities. On the left side of the vee, decomposition and definition activities resolve the system architecture, creating the details of the design. Integration and verification flow up and to the right as successively higher levels of subsystems are verified, culminating at the system level. This summary chart follows the basic outline of the vee chart developed by NASA as part of the Software Management and Assurance Program. ("CIs'' in the f...
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