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Unformatted text preview: ign? Is the reliability analysis based on a sound methodology, and does it allow for realistic logistics planning and life-cycle cost analysis? Are sufficient project reserves and schedule slack available to proceed further? Results of Review — As a result of successful completion of the PDR, the "design-to" baseline is approved. It also authorizes the project to proceed to final design. Critical Design Review. The Critical Design Review (CDR) is not a single review but a number of reviews that start with specific Cls and end with the system CDR. Purpose —The CDR discloses the complete system design in full detail, ascertains that technical problems and design anomalies have been resolved, and ensures that the design maturity justifies the decision to initiate fabrication/manufacturing, integration, and verification of mission hardware and software. Timing —Near the completion of the final design stage. Objectives—The objectives of the CDR are to: • • • • • Ensure that the "build-to" baseline contains detailed hardware and software specifications that can meet functional and performance requirements Ensure that the design has been satisfactorily audited by production, verification, operations, and other specialty engineering organizations Ensure that the production processes and controls are sufficient to proceed to the fabrication stage Establish that planned Quality Assurance (QA) activities will establish perceptive verification and screening processes for producing a quality product Verify that the final design fulfills the specifications established at PDR. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of CDR product preparation: NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering • • • • • • • • • • Can the proposed final design be expected to meet all the requirements within the planned cost and schedule? Is the design complete? Are drawings ready to begin production? Is software product definition sufficiently mature to start coding? Is the &q...
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