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Do they require design or specification changes andor

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Unformatted text preview: planned and budgeted? Are the facilities and tools sufficient for end item production? Are special tools and test equipment specified in proper quantities? Are personnel qualified? Are drawings certified? Is production engineering and planning mature for cost-effective production? Are production processes and methods consistent with quality requirements? Are they compliant with occupational safety, environmental, and energy conservation regulations? Results of Review —A successful ProRR results in certification of production readiness by the project manager and involved specialty engineering organizations. All open issues should be resolved with closure actions and schedules. Design Certification Review. Purpose — The Design Certification Review (DCR) ensures that the qualification verifications demonstrated design compliance with functional and performance requirements. Timing — Follows the system CDR, and after qualification tests and all modifications needed to implement qualification-caused corrective actions have been completed. Objectives —The objectives of the review are to: • • • Confirm that the verification results met functional and performance requirements, and that test plans and procedures were executed correctly in the specified environments Certify that traceability between test article and production article is correct, including name, identification number, and current listing of all waivers Identify any incremental tests required or conducted due to design or requirements changes made since test initiation, and resolve issues regarding their results. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items comprise a checklist to aid in determining the readiness of DCR product preparation: • • • • • • • Are the pedigrees of the test articles directly traceable to the production units? Is the verification plan used for this article current and approved? Do the test procedures and environments used comply with those specified in the plan? Are there any changes in the test article configuration or design resulting from the as-run tests? Do th...
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