Establishment of baselines implies the implementation

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Unformatted text preview: onding preliminary designs." The technical requirements should be sufficiently detailed to establish firm schedule and cost estimates for the project. Actually, "the" Phase B baseline consists of a collection of evolving baselines covering technical and business aspects of the project: system (and subsystem) requirements and specifications, designs, verification and operations plans, and so on in the technical portion of the baseline, and schedules, cost projections, and management plans in the business portion. Establishment of baselines implies the implementation of configuration management procedures. (See Section 4.7.) Phase B -- Definition Purpose: To define the project in enough detail to establish an initial baseline capable of meeting mission needs. Major Activities and their Products: Prepare a Systems Engineering Management Plan Prepare a Risk Management Plan Initiate configuration management Prepare engineering specialty program plans Develop system-level cost-effectiveness model Restate mission needs as functional requirements Identify science payloads Establish the initial system requirements and verification requirementsmatrix Perform and archive trade studies Select a baseline design solution and a concept of operations Define internal and external interface requirements (Repeat the process of successive refinement to get "design-to" specifications and drawings, verifications plans, and interface documents to lower levels as appropriate) Define the work breakdown structure Define verification approach end policies Identify integrated logistics support requirements Establish technical resource estimatesand firm life-cycle cost estimates Develop statement(s) of work Initiate advanced technology developments Revise and publish a Project Plan Reaffirm the Mission Needs Statement Prepare a Program Commitment Agreement Information Baselined: System requirements and verification requirements matrix System architecture and work breakdown structure Concept of operations “Design-to” specifications at all levels Project plans, including schedule, resources, acquis...
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