Examples and assessment methods table 2 lists some

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Unformatted text preview: iscussed in Section 4.9.1. Systems engineering process metrics try to quantify the effectiveness and productivity of the systems engineering process and organization. Within a single project, tracking these metrics allows the system engineer to better understand the health and progress of that project. Across projects (and over time), the tracking of systems engineering process metrics allows for better estimation of the cost and time of performing systems engineering functions. It also allows the systems engineering organization to demonstrate its commitment to the TQM principle of continuous improvement. Selecting Systems Engineering Process Metrics. Generally, systems engineering process metrics fall into three categories -- those that measure the progress of the systems engineering effort, those that measure the quality of that process, and those that measure its productivity. Different levels of systems engineering management are generally interested in different metrics. For example, a project manager or lead system engineer may focus on metrics dealing with systems engineering staffing, project risk management progress, and major trade study progress. A subsystem system engineer may focus on subsystem requirements and interface definition progress and verification procedures progress. It is useful for each system engineer to focus on just a few process metrics. Which metrics should be tracked depends on the system engineer's role in the total systems engineering effort. The systems engineering process metrics worth tracking also change as the project moves through its life cycle. Collecting and maintaining data on the systems engineering process is not without cost. Status reporting and assessment of systems engineering process metrics divert time and effort from the process itself. The system engineer must balance the value of each systems engineering process metric against its collection cost. The value of these metrics arises from the insights they provide into the process that cannot be obtained from cost and schedule co...
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