Guy beutelschies nasajet propulsion laboratory dr

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Unformatted text preview: ain, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Mr. Guy Beutelschies, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. Vincent Bilardo, NASA/Ames Research Center Ms. Renee I. Cox, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Dr. Kevin Forsberg, Center for Systems Management Dr. Walter E. Hammond, Sverdrup Techology, Inc. Mr. Patrick McDuffee, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. Harold Mooz, Center for Systems Management Ms. Mary Beth Murrill, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. Les Pieniazek Lockheed Engineering and ScienceS Co. Mr. Lou Polaski, Center for Systems Management Mr. Neil Rainwater, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. Tom Rowell, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Ms. Donna Shirley, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. Mark Sluka, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co. Mr. Ron Wade, Center for Systems Management SEPIT team members (not already mentioned): Mr. Randy Fleming, Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Dr. Frank Fogle, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. Tony Fragomeni, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Dr. Shahid Habib, NASA Headquarters/Code QW Mr. Henning Krome, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. Ray Lugo, NASA/Kennedy Space Center Mr. William C. Morgan, NASA/Johnson Space Center Dr. Mike Ryschkewitsch, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Mr. Gerry Sadler, NASA/Lewis Research Center Mr. Dick Smart, Sverdrup Technology, Inc. Dr. James Wade, NASA/Johnson Space Center Mr. Milam Walters, NASA/Langley Research Center Mr. Don Woodruff, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Other sources: Mr. Dave Austin, NASA Headquarters/Code DSS Mr. Phillip R. Barela, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. J.W. Bott, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. Steven L. Cornford, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ms. Sandra Dawson, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. James W. Doane, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. William Edminston, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. Charles C. Gonzales, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. Jairus Hihn, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. Ed Jorgenson, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. Richard V....
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