Have all anomalies detected during prelaunch launch

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Unformatted text preview: ? Are all interfaces checked out and found to be functional? Have all open items and waivers been examined and found to be acceptable? Are the launch and recovery environmental factors within constraints? Results of Review — As a result of successful FRR completion, technical and procedural maturity exists for system launch and flight authorization. and in some cases initiation of system operations. Operational Readiness Review. Purpose — The Operational Readiness Review (ORR) examines the actual system characteristics and the procedures used in its operation, and ensures that all flight and ground hardware, software, personnel, procedures, and user documentation reflect the deployed state of the system accurately. Timing —When the system and its operational and support equipment and personnel are ready to undertake the mission. Objectives—The objectives of the ORR are to: • • • • Establish that the system is ready to transition into an operational mode through examination of available ground and flight test results, analyses, and operational demonstrations Confirm that the system is operationally and logistically supported in a satisfactory manner considering all modes of operation and support (normal, contingency, and unplanned) Establish that operational documentation is complete and represents the system configuration and its planned modes of operation Establish that the training function is in place and has demonstrated capability to support all aspects of system maintenance, preparation, operation, and recovery. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of ORR product preparation: • • Are the system hardware, software, personnel, and procedures in place to support operation? Have all anomalies detected during prelaunch, launch, and orbital flight been resolved, documented, and incorporated into existing operational support data? Are the changes necessary to transition the system from flight test to an operational configuration ready to...
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