If necessary the project level targets may need to be

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Unformatted text preview: n order to obtain a satisfactory schedule. Often too, reserve will be added to critical path activities, often in the form of a dummy activity, to ensure that schedule commitments can be met for this WBS element. Step 5: Integrate schedules of lower level WBS elements, using suitable software, so that all dependencies between WBS elements are correctly included in a project network. It is important to include the impacts of holidays, weekends, etc. by this point. The critical path for the project is discovered at this step in the process. Step 6: Review the workforce level and funding profile over time, and make a final set of adjustments to logic and durations so that workforce levels and funding levels are reasonable. Adjustments to the logic and the durations of activities may be needed to converge to the schedule targets established at the project level. This may include adding more activities to some WBS element, deleting redundant activities, increasing the workforce for some activities that are on the critical path, or finding ways to do more activities in parallel, rather than in series. If necessary, the project level targets may need to be adjusted, or the scope of the project may need to be reviewed. Again, it is good practice to have some schedule reserve, or float, as part of a risk mitigation strategy. The product of these last steps is a feasible baseline schedule for each WBS element that is consistent with the activities of all other WBS elements, and the sum of all these schedules is consistent with both the technical scope and the schedule goals for the project. There should be enough float in this integrated master schedule so that schedule and associated cost risk are acceptable to the project and to the project's customer. Even when this is done, time estimates for many WBS elements will have been underestimated, or work on some WBS elements will not start as early as had been originally assumed due to late arrival of receivables. Consequently, replanning is almost always nee...
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