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If that is not sufficient then the assumed task

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Unformatted text preview: ded to meet the project's goals. 4.4.4 Reporting Techniques Summary data about a schedule is usually described in Gantt charts. A good example of a Gantt chart is shown in Figure 13. (See sidebar on Gantt chart features.) Another type of output format is a table that shows the float and recent changes in float of key activities. For example, a project manager may wish to know precisely how much schedule reserve has been consumed by critical path activities, and whether reserves are being consumed or are being preserved in the latest reporting period. This table provides information on the rate of change of schedule re serve. 4.4.5 Resource Leveling Good scheduling systems provide capabilities to show resource requirements over time, and to make adjustments so that the schedule is feasible with respect to resource constraints over time. Resources may include workforce level, funding profiles, important facilities, etc. Figure 14 shows an example of an unleveled resource profile. The objective is to move the start dates of tasks that have float to points where the resource profile is feasible. If that is not sufficient, then the assumed task durations for resource-intensive activities should be reexamined and, accordingly, the resource levels changed. 4.5 Budgeting and Resource Planning Budgeting and resource planning involves the establishment of a reasonable project baseline budget, and the capability to analyze changes to that baseline resulting from technical and/or schedule changes. The project's WBS, baseline schedule, and budget should be viewed by the system engineer as mutually dependent, reflecting the technical content, time, and cost of meeting the project's goals and objectives. The budgeting process needs to take into account whether a fixed cost cap or cost profile exists. When no such cap or profile exists, a baseline budget is developed from the WBS and network schedule. This specifically involves combining the project's workforce and other resource nee...
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