In the early phases of the project life cycle the

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Unformatted text preview: cross systems engineering personnel. Displaying schedule-related metrics can be accomplished in a table or graph of planned quantities vs. actuals. With quality- and productivity-related metrics, trends are generally more important than isolated snapshots. The most useful kind of assessment method allows comparisons of the trend on a current project with that for a successfully completed project of the same type. The latter provides a benchmark against which the system engineer can judge his/her own efforts. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Systems Analysis and Modeling Issues 5 Systems Analysis and Modeling Issues The role of systems analysis and modeling is to produce rigorous and consistent evaluations so as to foster better decisions in the systems engineering process. By helping to progress the system design toward an optimum, systems analysis and modeling contribute to the objective of systems engineering. This Systems Analysis Gene Fisher defines systems analysis as "inquiry to assist decision makers in choosing preferred future courses of action by (1) systematically examining and reexamining the relevant objectives, and alternative policies and strategies for achieving them; and (2) comparing quantitatively where possible the economic costs, effectiveness, and risks of the alternaternatives.” Is accomplished primarily by performing trade studies of plausible alternatives. The purpose of this chapter is to describe the trade study process, the methods used in trade studies to quantify system effectiveness and cost, and the pitfalls to avoid. 5.1 The Trade Study Process The trade study process is a critical part of the systems engineering spiral described in Chapter 2. This section discusses the steps of the process in greater detail. Trade studies help to define the emerging system at each level of resolution. One key message of this section is that to be effective, the process requires the participation of many skills and a unity of effort to move toward an optimum system design. Figure 23 shows the trade stud...
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