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It is important to establish levels of variance at

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Unformatted text preview: able outcome, replanning should begin as soon as practical. This section provides additional information on status reporting and assessment techniques for costs and schedules, technical performance, and systems engineering process metrics. 4.9.1 Cost and Schedule Control Measures Status reporting and assessment on costs and schedules provides the project manager and system engineer visibility into how well the project is tracking against its planned cost and schedule targets. From a management point of view, achieving these targets is on a par with meeting the technical performance requirements of the system. It is useful to think of cost and schedule status reporting and assessment as measuring the performance of the "system that produces the system." NHB 9501.2B, Procedures for Contractor Reporting of Correlated Cost and Performance Data, provides specific requirements for cost and schedule status reporting and assessment based on a project's dollar value and period of performance Generally, the NASA Form 533 series of reports is applicable to NASA cost-type (i.e., cost reimbursement and fixed-price incentive) contracts. However, on larger contracts (>$25M), which require Form 533P, NHB 9501.2B allows contractors to use their own reporting systems in lieu of 533P reporting. The project manager/system engineer may choose to evaluate the completeness and quality of these reporting systems against criteria established by the project manager/system engineer's own field center, or against the DoD's Cost/Schedule Cost System Criteria (C/SCSC). The latter are widely accepted by industry and government, and a variety of tools exist for their implementation. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering the incomplete linkage between cost data and schedule data makes it very difficult (or impossible) to estimate the current cost EAC of the project. Control of Variances and the Role of the System Engineer. When negative variances are large enough to represent a significant erosion of...
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