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Management institute loos launch and orbital

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Unformatted text preview: he scientific community for investigation. Finally, at the formally declared end-of-mission, a Planetary Protection End-of-Mission Report is prepared. This document reviews the entire history of the mission in comparison to the original Planetary Protection Plan, and documents the degree of compliance with NASA's planetary protection requirements. This document is typically reported on by the NASA PPO at a meeting of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) to inform other spacefaring nations of NASA's degree of compliance with international planetary protection requirements. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Appendix A—Acronyms Acronyms are useful because they provide a shorthand way to refer to an organization, a kind of document, an activity or idea, etc. within a generally understood context. Their overuse, however, can interfere with communications. The NASA Lexicon contains the results of an attempt to provide a comprehensive list of all acronyms used in NASA systems engineering. This appendix contains two lists: the acronyms used in this handbook and the acronyms for some of the major NASA organizations. AA APA ACWP AGE AHP BCWP BCWS C/SCSC CALS Associate Administrator (NASA) Allowance for Program Adjustment Actual Cost of Work Performed Aerospace Ground Equipment Analytic Hierarchy Process Budgeted Cost of Work Performed Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria Continuous Acquisition and Life-Cycle Support CCB Configuration (or Change) Control Board CDR Critical Design Review CER Cost Estimating Relationship CI Configuration Item CIL Critical Items List CoF Construction of Facilities COSPAR Committee on Space Research COTR Contracting Office Technical Representative CPM Critical Path Method CR Change Request CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item CSM Center for Systems Management CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure DCR Design Certification Review DDT&E Design, Development, Test and Evaluation DoD (U.S.) Department of Defense DOE (U.S.) Department of Energy DR Decommissioning Review DSMC Defense Systems Management College EA Environmental Assessment EAC Estimate at Completion ECP Engineering Change Proposal ECR Engineering Change Request EIS Environmental Impact Statement EMC Electromagnetic compatibility EMI Electromagnetic interference EOM End of Mission EPA (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency EVA Extravehicular Activities EVM Earned Value Measurement FCA Functional Configuration Audit FF...
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