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Unformatted text preview: mission concepts demonstrate technical and programmatic feasibility of meeting the mission objectives Confirm that the customer's mission need is clear and achievable Ensure that prioritized evaluation criteria are provided for subsequent mission analysis. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of MCR product preparation: • • • • • • • Are the mission objectives clearly defined and stated? Are they unambiguous and internally consistent? Will satisfaction of the preliminary set of requirements provide a system which will meet mission objectives? Is the mission feasible? Has there been a solution identified which is technically feasible? Is the rough cost estimate within an acceptable cost range? Have the concept evaluation criteria to be used in candidate system evaluation been identified and prioritized? Has the need for the mission been clearly identified? Are the cost and schedule estimates credible? Was a technology search done to identify existing assets or products that could satisfy the mission or parts of the mission? Results of Review —A successful MCR supports the determination that the proposed mission meets the customer need, and has sufficient quality and merit to support a field center management decision to propose further study to the cognizant NASA Program Associate Administrator (PAA) as a candidate Phase A effort. Mission Definition Review. Purpose —The Mission Definition Review (MDR) examines the functional and performance requirements defined for the system and the preliminary program/project plan, and assures that the requirements and the selected architecture/design will satisfy the mission. Timing —Near the completion of the mission definition stage. Objectives—The objectives of the review are to: NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering • • • • Establish that the allocation of the functional system requirements is optimal for mission satisfaction with respect to requirements trades and evaluation criteria that w...
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