Note when the mole is used the elementary entities

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Unformatted text preview: as in petal) TERR-a (as in terrace) GIGa (g as in giggle, a as in about MEG-a (as in megaphone) KILL-oh** HECK-toe DECK-a (as in decahedron) deci* centi* milli micro nano pico femto atto zepto yocto d c m µ n p f a z y DESS-ih (as in decimal) SENT-ih (as in centipede) MILL-ih (as in military) MIKE-roe (as in microphone) NAN-oh (a as in ant) PEEK-oh FEM-toe AT-toe (a as in hat) ZEP-toe (e as in step) YOCK-toe Definitions of Units Parts of Appendix C are reprinted from IEEE Std 268-1992, American National Standard for Metric Practice, Copyright © 1992 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. The IEEE disclaims any responsibility or liability resulting from the placement and use in this publication. Information is reprinted with the permission of the EKE. • • • Outside the United States, the comma is widely used as a decimal marker. In some applications, therefore, the common practice in the United States of using the comma to separate digits into groups of three (as in 23,478) may cause ambiguity. To avoid this potential source of confusion, recommended international practice calls for separating the digits into groups of three, counting from the decimal point toward the left and the right, and using a thin space to separate the groups. In numbers of four digits on either side of the decimal point the space is usually not necessary, except for uniformity in tables. C.2.1 Sym. SI Prefixes The names of multiples and submultiples of SI units may be formed by application of the prefixes and symbols shown in the sidebar. (The unit of mass, the kilogram, is * The prefixes that do not represent 1000 raised to a power (that is hecto, deka, deci, and centi) should be avoided where practical. ** The first syllable of every prefix is accented to assure that the prefix will retain its identity. Kilometer is not an exception. the only exception; for historical reasons, the gram is used as the base for construction of names.) C.2.2 Base SI Units ampere (A) The ampere is that constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel c...
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