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Results of review as a result of successful

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Unformatted text preview: complete, and that a system that fulfills the mission objectives can be built within the constraints posed Ensure that a verification concept and preliminary verification program are defined Establish end item acceptance criteria Ensure that adequate detailed information exists to support initiation of further development or acquisition efforts. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of SDR project preparation: • • • • • • • Will the top-level system design selected meet the system requirements, satisfy the mission objectives, and address operational needs? Can the top-level system design selected be built within cost constraints and in a timely manner? Are the cost and schedule estimates valid in view of the system requirements and selected architecture? Have all the system-level requirements been allocated to one or more lower levels? Have the major design issues for the elements and subsystems been identified? Have major risk areas been identified with mitigation plans? Have plans to control the development and design process been completed? Is a development verification/test plan in place to provide data for making informed design decisions? Is the minimum end item product performance documented in the acceptance criteria? Is there sufficient information to support proposal efforts? Is there a complete validated set of requirements with sufficient system definition to support the cost and schedule estimates? Results of Review —As a result of successful completion of the SDR, the system and its operation are well enough understood to warrant design and acquisition of the end items. Approved specifications for the system, its segments, and preliminary specifications for the design of appropriate functional elements may be released. A configuration management plan is established to control NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering design and requirement changes. Plans to control and integrate th...
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