Reviews help to develop a better understanding among

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Unformatted text preview: cument trade study results and other decisions that played a key role in the flowdown of requirements. The data management function therefore encompasses managing and archiving supporting analyses and trade study data, and keeping them convenient for configuration management and general project use. 4.8 Reviews, Audits, and Control Gates The intent and policy for reviews, audits, and control gates should be developed during Phase A and defined in the Program/Project Plan. The specific implementation of these activities should be consistent with the types of reviews and audits described in this section, and with the NASA Program/Project Life Cycle chart (see Figure 5) and the NASA Program/Project Life Cycle Process Flow chart (see Figure 8). However, the timing of reviews, audits, and control gates should be tailored to each specific project. 4.8.1 Purpose and Definitions The purpose of a review is to furnish the forum and process to provide NASA management and their contractors assurance that the most satisfactory approach, plan or NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering design has been selected, that a configuration item has been produced to meet the specified requirements, or that a configuration item is ready. Reviews (technical or management) are scheduled to communicate an approach, demonstrate an ability to meet requirements, or establish status. Reviews help to develop a better understanding among task or project participants, open communication channels, alert participants and management to problems, and open avenues for solutions. The purpose of an audit is to provide NASA management and its contractors a thorough examination of adherence to program/project policies, plans, requirements, and specifications. Audits are the systematic examination of tangible evidence to determine adequacy, validity, and effectiveness of the activity or documentation under review. An audit may examine documentation of policies and procedures, as well as verify adherence to them. The purpose of a control gate is to provide a sche...
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