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Unformatted text preview: ot;an important element in the EIS process is involvement of the public. Early involvement can go a long way toward meeting complaints and objections regarding a proposed action, and experience has taught that a fully informed and involved public is considerably more supportive of a proposed action. When a proposed action is believed likely to generate significant public concern, the public should be brought in for consultation in the early planning stages. If an EIS is warranted, the public should NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process be involved both in scoping and in the EIS review. Early involvement can help lead to selection of the best alternative and to the least public o bjection." Record of Decision (ROD). When the EIS process has been completed and public review periods have elapsed, NASA is free to make and implement the decision(s) regarding the proposed project or action. At that time, a Record of Decision (ROD) is prepared by the Headquarters PAA responsible for the project or action. The ROD becomes the official public record of the consideration of environmental factors in reaching the decision. The ROD is not published in the Federal Register, but must be kept in the official files of the program/project in question and made available on request. 6.8.2 Nuclear Safety Launch Approval Presidential Directive/National Security Council Memorandum-25 (PD/NSC-25) requires that flight projects calling for the use of radioactive sources follow a lengthy analysis and review process in order to seek approval for launch. The nuclear safety launch approval process is separate and distinct from the NEPA compliance process. While there may be overlaps in the data-gathering for both, the documentation required for NEPA and nuclear safety launch approval fulfill separate federal and NASA requirements. While NEPA is to be done at the earliest stages of the project, launch approval officially begins with Phase C/D. Phase...
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