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Unformatted text preview: of system items and processes are appropriate and effective. 4.8.4 Interim Reviews Interim reviews are driven by programmatic and/or NASA Headquarters milestones that are not necessarily supported by the major reviews. They are often multiple review processes that provide important information for major NASA reviews, programmatic decisions, and commitments. Program/project tailoring dictates the need for and scheduling of these reviews. Requirements Reviews. Prior to the PDR, the mission and system requirements must be thoroughly analyzed, allocated, and validated to assure that the project can effectively understand and satisfy the mission need. Specifically, these interim requirements reviews confirm whether: • • • • • The proposed project supports a specific NASA program deficiency In-house or industry-initiated efforts should be employed in the program realization The proposed requirements meet objectives The requirements will lead to a reasonable solution The conceptual approach and architecture are credibly feasible and affordable. These issues, as well as requirements ambiguities, are resolved or resolution actions are assigned. Interim requirements reviews alleviate the risk of excess design and analysis burdens too far into the life cycle. Safety Reviews. Safety reviews are conducted to ensure compliance with NHB 1700.1B, NASA Safety Policy and Requirements Document, and are approved by the program/project manager at the recommendation of the system safety manager. Their purpose, objectives, and general schedule are contained in appropriate safety management plans. Safety reviews address possible hazards associated with system assembly, test, operation, and support. Special consideration is given to possible operational and environmental hazards related to the use of nuclear and other toxic materials. (See Section 6.8.) Early reviews with field center safety personnel should be held to identify and understand any problems areas, and to specify the requirements to control them. Software...
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