Several techniques are available to do functional

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Unformatted text preview: involvement of those familiar with quantitative methods. For each measure, it is important to address the question of how that quantitative measure will be computed—that is, which measurement method is to be used. One reason for doing this is that this step then explicitly identifies those variables that are important in meeting the system's goals and objectives. Evaluating the likely outcomes of various alternatives in terms of system effectiveness, the underlying performance or technical attributes, and cost before actual fabrication and/or programming usually requires the use of a mathematical model or series of models of the system. So a second reason for specifying the measurement methods is that the necessary models can be identified. Sometimes these models are already available from previous projects of a similar nature; other times, they need to be developed. In the latter case, defining the measurement methods should trigger the necessary system modeling activities. Since the development of new models can take a considerable amount of time and effort, early identification is needed to ensure they will be ready for formal use in trade studies. Defining the selection rule is the step of explicitly determining how the outcome variables will be used to make a (tentative) selection of the preferred alternative. As an example, a selection rule may be to choose the alternative with the highest estimated system effectiveness that Functional Analysis Techniques Functional analysis is the process of identifying, describing, and relating the functions a system must perform in order to fulfill its goals and objectives. Functional analysis is logically structured as a top-down hierarchical decomposition of those functions, and serves several important roles in the systems engineering process: • • • • To draw out all the requirements the system must meet To help identify measures for system effectiveness and its underlying performance or technical attributes at all levels To weed out from f...
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